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Air purifier

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Air Purifier

Air purifiers with plenty of anions for fresh air all the time.

Our product is specially designed for small spaces. It is suitable for Bathroom, Car, Bed room, Smoking area, Meeting room, Office, Toilet, and any enclosed area.

There are many air purifiers around the world.
But, how many air purifiers do you think work properly?

With the state-of-the-art technology of our company,
We do manufacture real air purifiers for small places.

Eradicate odor
Enhance metabolism
Reduce stress
Strengthen immunity
Remove fatigue
Enhance hormonal balance
Treating inflammation
Eliminate bacteria
Eradicate electronic waves
Fresh air all the time


Product name : air purifier
Model No : CA-10A   
Product color : Black, Red
Dimension : 95 x 110 x 40 (mm)
Weight : 190g
Electrical : DC12V / 90mAh
Power consumption : 2W
Type : plasma and anion
Remark : LCD panel for clock and telephone number.


Product name : air purifier
Model No : CE-10A   
Product color : Red purple, Silver
Dimension : 110 x 110 x 50 (mm)
Weight : 150g
Electrical : DC12V, 100~240V, 50~60hz
Power consumption : 2W
Type : plasma and anion

Please request a catalog.
Our air purifiers are compact and simple.
You can put your company name instead of our company name on them.

Terms and conditions

T/T in advance.
Standard packaging with our own carton.
Please send me a message or email for detailed information.

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